Kolten Wong’s shoulder injury May Caused him to be sent to the DL

As the title says, there are possibilities that Kolten Wong’s shoulder injury will hinder his game and sent him to the disabled list of 15 days. Even as the injury has happened for some time in this early month, it hasn’t completely healed and even turned into more relentless as the time passes. The shoulder damage has caused nothing but trouble to Wong as it is keep on affecting his overall performance.
It is reported that he had failed doing his swings several times, yet, even when he managed to turn the hit, but his movement is getting rather limited due to the soreness on his left shoulder. His manager said that Wong didn’t participate Saturday because of the ache. Everyone can see that Wong is really trying his hardest on the game with sbobet wap, but unfortunately, the injury wasn’t getting better, and Wong will definitely needs all the rest he could get. As for the Sunday’s game, then, The Cardinals will replace him with Shane Robinson as an outfielder.
His manager, Matheny, said that Wong has been evaluated by the medical staff of their team for some time now, albeit the stint from the disabled list still could allow for additional examinations on the injury.